PRODUCTS | Coal Tar Pitch

Coal Tar Pitch has been traditionally used for manufacturing Carbon Anodes and Electrodes for Aluminum and Graphite Industry. We manufacture Coal Tar Pitch strictly from good quality High Temperature Coal Tar by Latest Vacuum Flash Distillation Process. We match, monitor and control all the necessary Physical and Chemical properties that are important for the performance of Pitch. These properties include:-

  • Softening Point
  • Density and Viscosity
  • Coking value
  • Toluene Insoluble
  • Beta-Resin
  • Quinine Insoluble
  • Sulphur and Metals
  • Ash

Our team of experts deeply understands the importance of these properties and accordingly control and monitor feedstock blending, centrifuging and Distillation severity.

  • Binder Grade
  • Soft Pitch/Hard Pitch/Liquid Pitch
  • High Beta Resin Pitch
  • Zero QI Pitch
  • For Electrode Applications
  • For Refractory Application
  • For Carbon Broushes and Crucibles.
  • For Carbonaceous Foundry Sand Additive
  • For Foundry Application
  • For Paint and Coating Application
  • For Carbon Paste manufacturing
  • For Lustrous Carbon Additives
  • For Construction / Road Application.
  • For Drilling Chemicals
  • For Waterproofing/Anticorrosion Application.
  • Special Pitch for Highly Technical and specialized application.