PRODUCTS | Creosote Oil

Light creosote oil is yellow oil with a greenish cast. Grades are available As per IS-218 and BS 144.


  • Carbon black Feedstock.
  • Solvents in Paint and Coating.
  • Lubrication and Liguefying Agent.
  • Wood Preservation Oil Grades.
  • Caustic Agent and Dye Intermediate.
  • Tar Acid, Cresylic Acid and Phenyl.

Heavy Creosote Oil/ Anthracene Oil

Heavy Creosote oil is dark yellow oil, which is manufactured during distillations.


  • Carbon Black feedstock
  • Wood Preservation Oil
  • Solvents in Paint and Coating
  • Lubrication and liquefying Agent
  • Caustic Agent and Dye Intermediate

Wood Preservation Oil

Wood Preservation Oil is used in reservation of Wood/Railway Sleeper/ Wooden Poles. We have proven track records of exporting. Wood Preservation Oil. Grades are available, as per IS-218 and Bs144.

Cresylic Acid/ Tar Acid

Methyl substituted phenols obtained from coal tar of peroleum as by product form fractional Distillation and Coal gasification.


  • Disinfectant properties
  • Used in the manufacture of resin
  • Used as a feedstock in chemical manufacturing

Fuel Oil

Creosote fuel oil is one of the best advantageous alterative of light Diesel Oil. This is Comparatively cost effective and economical than furnace oil/ Light Diesel Oil. It has the major advantage of being low sulphur fuel.